Guest Post: Resonance author A.J. Scudiere

I’m starting out this week with an awesome guest post from author A.J. Scudiere. I’ve got her new audiomovie, Resonance, at the top of my TBLT (to be listened to) pile, and I can’t wait to start it!

Now, what’s the difference between an audiobook and an audiomovie? Why not ask the author herself…and don’t forget to check back for my review!


Listen . . .

If you are like most readers, then when you listen you hear . . . nothing. Maybe the soft swish of pages in a slow but regular cadence, but likely your brain has tuned that out. Maybe, when you look up from that book, you hear everything – chatter and screeches, machines and the ongoing noise of the world around you, but while you were in that book, none of it mattered.

As much as I love reading, it isn’t as portable as I’d like it to be. In my world, I read while I eat lunch, while I wait in line at the post office, by the pool while my kids learn to swim. Still, there are other places I want to read: while I drive into work, while I workout, while running errands. None of these are safe, and that’s why I encourage you to listen.

Audiobooks aren’t just a way to bring stories to the non-readers out there. They are for us true blue readers as well. I admit I wasn’t sold right away. Not all audiobooks are created equal. Some have a reader who tries too hard to do all the voices. Some just don’t go from print to sound as well as they might. But others are magic. The right reader and the right story . . . and you can read while driving, and not get arrested for it!

Because of this wide array of quality in audio, I was very invested when Griffyn Ink told me my book was going to audio. I desperately wanted to be part of the process. As I explained all my fears to Stefan Rudnicki (my audiobook producer) he hatched with me a plan . . . and he brought it to life.

AudioMovies are the best of radio dramas crossed with fiction of today. Completely unabridged (one of my big pet peeves about a lot of audio), each role is ‘played’ by a different actor. Sound effects replace the irritating noises that readers try to make (like doors slamming or (God forbid!) dogs barking!)

Several years ago, I would have told you I didn’t listen to audiobooks (and there are some that I still won’t listen to!) I would have said that I wanted to hear the voices myself, that the story is mine when I read. But now, I can read in the car while I drive. I’m convinced everyone would work out better (like I do) if they listened to thrillers while doing so (your treadmill will go faster while someone is in a hairy scene!)

Stop by my website to listen to free AudioMovie tracks. Hear what the difference is . . . You can start reading in a whole lot new places if you just listen.

— A. J. Scudiere

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