Upcoming Guest Post – Join the Reeferpunk Revolution!

I have a great guest post coming up for you on Monday morning! Author David Mark Brown, the smiling fellow to my left, is going to be joining us as he pounds the internet pavement promoting his new book, Fistful of Reefer:

Reeferpunk is a dieselpunk, spaghetti-Western, refried alternate-history of what could have become of the southern half of North America if cheap oil never got cheap, and instead brilliant minds devised an early cellulosic ethanol from the wondrous cannabis plant. Mein Hanf! Ride along with a disillusioned-Mexican-revolutionary-turned-goat-herder-and-hemp-farmer, his two native American friends, an aging and self-righteous Texas Ranger, and a whole slew of quirky supporting cast.

I asked David to talk about micro-genres, which are big for self-pubs and small publishers. His novel is Reeferpunk, the first book I’ve seen in that genre, but why not? That’s what small-pub and self-pub should be all about — not fitting the mold.  He’s also going to talk about the lengths that new authors have to go to get their name out there. Should be interesting for anyone who has thought about going that route.

Be sure to check back Monday morning!

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