A new personal best

I read a lot (as you might have guessed) but I don’t usually read very fast. I’m usually forced to shoehorn some reading time in around work and housework, family time and other stuff. So this past week, while I was traveling for work, I think I set a new personal record: 6 books in 6 days. I packed a little light for this last trip (lots of moving around and hauling my luggage with me), and I ended up doing a lot of airport book shopping. Here’s how it broke down:

  • Flight to Chicago: finished Murder on the Down Low
  • Chicago airport: bought Zero History
  • First days in Amsterdam: finished Zero History, started L.A. Mental
  • Train to Hengelo: finished L.A. Mental, started Partitions
  • Train from Hengelo: finished Partitions
  • Amsterdam airport: bought The Midnight Palace
  • Flight to Chicago: finished The Midnight Palace
  • Chicago airport: bought Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. which I finished on the flight home

Not bad, don’t you think? The weather was rainy and chilly in Amsterdam, so there was a lot of time spent sitting by a window with a latte, reading and watching the rain. Now I’ve just got a ton of reviews to write!

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