An Auction Worth Bidding On

I must admit that I am not familiar with John Scalzi. I haven’t read any of his books. But since reading this, I have already put them on my wish list:  Auction of rare special edition to benefit Bradford, Ohio library. It makes me wish I had extra cash to bid — like $50,000 to bid:

$50,000: I will travel to any place in the continental United States, present you (or whomever you choose) with the complete, signed John Scalzi collection, take you/them to dinner***and at the end of the evening read you/them a bedtime story written especially for you/them and then play you/them a lullaby on the ukelele. Travel dates to be decided between us but in probably in the next 12 months.

Although, to be perfectly honest, you could have my eternal devotion at a much lower price point:

$10,000: I will commission a large black velvet painting of the two of us, fighting space aliens WITH LASERS.

Who wouldn’t want that, I ask you? And what sort of author does this sort of a benefit? An extremely cool one, I have to say.

More info on John Scalzi.

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