Teaser Tuesday!

Welcome to another edition of Teaser Tuesday! You know how this works: grab your current read, pick two teaser sentences to share with us (no spoilers, please) and don’t forget to tell us about the book. Then, head over to Should be Reading to check out the other teasers!

This week, my teaser comes from The Woodcutter by Reginald Hill. Man, this is one creepy read! Perfect for a Halloween night spent sitting alone in my hotel room, that’s for sure. <shiver> This teaser actually comes from one of the chapter introductions, but I could easily imagine it coming right from the mouth of the main character, Wolf Hadda:

“I am the most easygoing of men. All I ask from life is a humble thatched cottage, so long as there’s a good bed in it, and good victuals, fresh milk and butter, flowers outside my window, and a few beautiful trees at my doorway; and if the dear Lord cares to make my happiness complete, he might grant me the pleasure of seeing six or seven of my enemies hanging from those trees.”

Nice guy, huh? That’s nothing! This is quite a thrilling read so far. What’s teasing YOU this week?

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