This week…

This week, I am coming to you from Sheffield, England. I have been looking forward to meeting all of the folks at our facility there. It’s also my first trip to England, and I hope to get a little sightseeing done while I’m there.

Monday: Let me tell you about what came in my mailbox!

Tuesday: I’m sure I’ll have a teaser, I’m just not sure what it will be from!

Wednesday: Wondrous Words Wednesday – I’ve got some great words lined up for you this week. Maybe a book review, if I get an opportunity.

Thursday: Check back for my review of Carry the One by Carol Anshaw. This was a heart-breaker of a book, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Friday: I hope to be meeting in London on Friday with one of my colleagues and perhaps doing a little sightseeing while I’m there.

Saturday: This is going to be a travel day, so my travel pics might have to wait until next week.

Sunday: And on Sunday, she rested. And read. 🙂


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