New Books!

As promised, I have some new books that I want to share with you this week. I’ve got 2 titles that I requested, one that came unsolicited, but they all look pretty good.

First, the wild card, The Sound of One Hand Killing by Teresa Solana:

Two detectives, brothers Borja and Eduard, are contracted by best-selling author Teresa Solana to research the world of so-called alternative therapies. They enroll for a course at Zen Moments, an exclusive meditation center in the ritziest part of Barcelona, only to discover the director murdered, whacked in the head with a statuette of the Buddha. The violent death of a neighbor—who happens to be a CIA agent—simultaneously drags them into an international conspiracy complicated by Borja’s attempt to smuggle a priceless Assyrian figurine, the Lioness of Baghdad.

In this, the third in her satirical series, Catalan “noir” novelist Teresa Solana mercilessly punctures the pretensions of New Age quacks who promote pseudo-science and pseudo-spirituality. At the same time, Solana draws compassionate portraits of characters trying to live “ordinary” lives in circumstances that have ceased to be normal, yet still cope with such everyday issues as adultery, menopause, and simply surviving to the end of the month.

Sometimes, a book shows up unexpectedly and turns out to be a gem. I can’t wait to read this one.

Next, one that I requested from Camilla Lackberg, The Stonecutter:

[The Stonecutter] continues the story of local detective Patrik Hedström and his girlfriend, Erica Falck, the beloved crime-solving duo whose first child has just been born. But while they celebrate this new life, a suspicious drowning claims a little girl they knew well. As the murder’s implications widen, Patrik’s investigation threatens to tear apart the rural fishing village of Fjällbacka, where a secret lurks that spans generations.

That’s not much of a summary, but most of the book blurb is devoted to how much praise Lackberg has received for her other books. I hate it when they do that – huge turn-off for me as a reader. However, I really enjoyed The Ice Princess, so I am looking forward to this one.

Finally, one I will be reviewing a little down the road, closer to its release date, but that I am definitely looking forward to reading. Virus Thirteen by Joshua Alan Parry:

Scientists James Logan and his wife, Linda, have their dream careers at the world’s leading biotech company, GeneFirm, Inc. But their happiness is interrupted by a devastating bioterrorist attack: a deadly superflu that quickly becomes a global pandemic. The GeneFirm complex goes into lockdown and Linda’s research team is sent to high-security underground labs to develop a vaccine.

Above ground, James learns that GeneFirm security has been breached and Linda is in danger. To save her he must confront a desperate terrorist, armed government agents, and an invisible killer: Virus Thirteen.

Good books! Can’t wait to get a chance to do some reading!

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