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I am in Cambridge, MA this week, hanging out with my cousin and soaking up a bit of Boston sunshine. (The weather has been amazing.) The highlight of the trip was the Eddie Izzard show last night down in the Back Bay. Drinks at Back Bay Harry’s before, tapas at Tico afterward, and a great show with Eddie.

I love Eddie! I would be impressed with anyone performing in stilettos that high. I am a big fan of smart humor – fart jokes and Dumb and Dumber are not my thing at all – and he is a master. He knows his audience is smart and he doesn’t worry about us keeping up and it always makes for a great show.

This wasn’t like the shows we have seen in the past. Eddie as promoting his new book – Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Jazz Chickens – so he talked about the material in the book. A lot about his childhood and his family; about coming out, being a transvestite, and sorting out his rather complicated sexuality; and about launching his career with teddy bear shows at boarding school and street performances. All the audience members got a copy of the book, so it is getting a bump up my TBR list.

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