Yay for NOBS!

It is almost time for one of my favorite book events of the year: The NOBS Akron Book Fair!  (NOBS stands for Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society.)  It used to be the Antiquarian Book Fair, but it’s not just old books these days – I have made some great finds there and I love spending the day walking through the fair, checking out the books.  There are old and new books, maps, book paraphrenalia (my bathroom currently sports a great poster of pulp fiction book covers that I bought there a few years ago).  There are always plenty of autographed copies, first editions, rare and antique books of every sort.  I got my invitation the other day, which means it’s time to call my cousin Ann and our friend Keleigh and make plans for some serious book shopping!  If you’re in Ohio, I hope to see you there!

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