Teaser Tuesdays!

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another wek of Teaser Tuesdays, hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading. You know the drill: Take your current book, pick a page and pick two (just two!) teaser sentences to share with us. No spoilers, please, and be sure to tell us the name of the book so we can rush out and add it to our Wish List!

This week, I’m finishing up Nibble & Kuhn, an odd little book about romance and intrigue at a law firm. So far, there’s not much romance (although Maria, the lady love interest is really starting to annoy me), and we’re really just getting started on the intrigue. I’m hoping the pace picks up a bit soon because it really has potential. This passage should give you an idea why Maria is getting on my nerves. She says to fellow lawyer and would-be lover, Derek:

“That way you can do my work and I can go home, and then you can do your own work later.”

“I’m not sure how anyone could pass up an offer like that,” I said.

See?!? Don’t you want to smack her? What’s teasing you this week?

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