Zombies – now on sale!

Back in August, I reviewed Zombies of the World: A Field Guide to the Undead by Ross Payton. What fun! All the info you need on different species of zombies and tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Now, just in time for Halloween, the North American Necrological Institute is offering their zombie related merchandise at special prices!


Did you know:

  • That there are many different species of zombies?
  • Some species of zombie are actually harmless?
  • Zombies never digest food yet can remain animate for centuries?
  • Research on the undead may lead to important discoveries in medical science?
  • Zombies can generate environmentally friendly electricity?

If you didn’t know these facts, you should use this month to learn more about them. NANRI recommends Zombies of the World: A Field Guide to the Undead.

Zombies menace humanity, yet we barely understand them. There are books that show you how to kill the undead but this is the first study to explain the importance of zombies to us.  Zombies of the World reveals the undead to be a valuable part of our ecosystem and the key to new discoveries in medicine and technology. No other book covers these topics.

Zombies of the World brilliantly documents that evolution has led to a wide variety of species. Few outside the scientific community even realize that creatures like the Egyptian Mummy (Mortifera mumia  aegyptus) are actually zombies. Some species are even harmless to humans. The Dancing Zombie (Mortifera immortalis choreographicus) only seeks to thrill humans with elaborate dance routines. Destroying the undead isn’t always the answer.

Even if we could annihilate all zombies, we would lose knowledge potentially vital to our own survival. After decades of research, we have no idea why zombies never tire or stop. They possess an endless source of energy to shamble or (in some cases) sprint after us. Unlocking this mystery could benefit all humanity. Only Zombies of the World tackles this issue and many other paradoxes.

During October all Zombies of the World products are on sale!

Check out the Zombies of the World store!

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