New on the Shelves…

I’ve been out of town and some new books showed up while I was gone! First up, Gianrico Carofiglio’s A Fine Line: When Judge Larocca is accused of corruption, Guido Guerrieri goes against his better instincts and takes the case. Helped by Annapaola Doria, a motorbike-riding bisexual private detective who keeps a baseball bat on hand for sticky situations, he discovers that… Read more

Review: The Murder House by James Patterson

Has anyone ever counted the books James Patterson has published? Holy cow! That is one prodigious imagination. And he is not only a prolific writer, he does good things for the cause – he gives away books, he promotes reading, he supports independent booksellers. All good things. I’ve enjoyed a number of his previous books, but The Murder House I did not love. My mother… Read more

Review: The 6th Extinction by James Rollins

As soon as I read the description of James Rollins’ The 6th Extinction, I was hooked… A military research station buried in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California broadcasts a frantic distress call that ends with a chilling order: “This is sierra, victor, whiskey. There’s been a breach. Fail-safe initiated. No matter the outcome: Kill us … kill us… Read more

New on the Shelves…

This just in from Harper Collins! Waiting for me on my Kindle, Spy Trade by Matthew Dunn: When a mission goes awry in Syria, senior CIA officer Bob Oakland is captured by aspiring members of ISIS, who demand the release of one of their own, Arzam Saud, in U.S. captivity. When their hands are tied by Washington’s refusal to negotiate, the… Read more